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Open Resource Exchange

Explore how Canadian public administrations (federal, provincial, municipal and aboriginal) create greater transparency and accountability, increase citizen engagement and drive innovation and economic opportunities through open standards, open source software, open data, open information, open dialogue and open Government.


The Open Resource Exchange includes five main services that focus on sharing solutions in an open source format. The term open source refers to publicly accessible items that are freely available for use.

Open Source Code

Search open source projects developed by Canadian public administrations.

Open Source Software

Search open source software used by Canadian public administrations.

Open Standards

Search open standards used by Canadian public administrations.


Search and collaborate on open source projects looking for partners and investors.

Open Design

Search open designs used by Canadian public administrations.

You can check our user guide on how to use the Open Resource Exchange platform to help you search for open digital solutions and share new open projects.

Open Source in Governments

  • List of repositories per public administration Canadian public administrations use repositories on Github, GitLab, Bitbucket or any other online service to host their open source projects. Check the list of repositories per public administration to find open source projects’ repositories for public administrations, according to their level of government (federal, provincial, municipal or aboriginal).
  • International catalogs for open source solutions Governmental groups across the world have also developed collaborative platforms for sharing open source solutions between public administrations in a country or region. For more information about those platforms, you can check our non-exhaustive list of international catalogs for open source solutions.
  • List of open portals from canadian public administrations Canadian public administrations have created open portals to make accessing their data and information easier for the public. Check the list of open portals from canadian public administrations to find the available open portals.

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About Us

The Municipal Innovation Pilot Project (MIPP) is an initiative aiming to support research and development of ‘open source solutions’ for all levels of government within Canada and beyond. The vision is to enable and support the pooling of investment for collective impact.

The Open Resource Exchange (ORE) is a particular project falling under the MIPP vision. It serves as a platform for the sharing of innovative ideas across all levels of government in Canada, creating a gathering space for open source solutions developed from coast to coast. It enables governments to:

  • Share open source solutions that can be replicable across Canada.
  • Download open source solutions and execute in new environments.
  • Contribute to existing open source solutions.
  • Learn about open source software and open standards used by governments.
Our Goals

The Municipal Innovation Pilot Project vision is to bring together level of governments and related groups to collectively invest resources towards an open source digital solution to a common problem. The open resource exchange platform is the first step into achieving that goal.

Through this Open Resource Exchange platform, we aim to:

  • Facilitate the collaboration not only across jurisdictions but also directly with citizens.
  • Help governments and the open source community to find open source tools, developed or used by public administrations, meeting government standards.
  • Reduce the cost of government digital infrastructure development through the reuse of open customizable digital solutions.
  • Improve the speed and the ease of the government infrastructure development to better serve our users.
Our Partners

The Municipal Innovation Pilot Project is the result of a collaboration between a group of governments and other related groups.

Currently the project is led by a steering group made up of representation from:

  • City of Montreal
  • City of Edmonton
  • City of Guelph
  • Region of Durham
  • Region of Niagara
  • City of Sarnia
  • MISA Ontario
  • RIMQ
  • FCM Innovation Network
  • Government of Canada

You can join the Steering Committee or a strategic working group if you’re interested in developing communications, detailed business plans, developmental evaluation, and other key actions for this project pilot.

Contact Us

The best way to contact us is to create an issue on Github

Nick Schonning - Open Source Advisor
Office of the Chief Information Officer - Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Sébastien Lemay - IT Strategy and Open Source Software
Innovation, Information & Technology Branch - Employment and Social Development Canada