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Open Resource Exchange Metrics

Browse data related to open source repositories of canadian public administrations at the federal, provincial, municipal and aboriginal levels.

Data on Projects

Administration #
The Public (Non-Crown)2
International Goverment (Non-Canadian Resources)1
Administration #
Province of Ontario1
Province of Nova Scotia1
Province of British Columbia4
Province of Alberta3
Administration #
City of Edmonton1
City of Montreal2
City of Sault Ste Marie6
Administration #
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat13
Transport Canada2
Canada School of Public Service1
Public Health Agency of Canada1
Statistics Canada3
Communications Security Establishment2
Canadian Space Agency1
Environment and Climate Change Canada2
Employment and Social Development Canada3
National Research Council Canada1
Department of Justice1
Shared Services Canada2

Data on Software

Administration #
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 62
Communications Security Establishment 1
Environment and Climate Change Canada 16
Employment and Social Development Canada 1
Global Affairs Canada 5
National Research Council Canada 1
Natural Resources Canada 1
Canadian Heritage 1
Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1
Shared Services Canada 2
Statistics Canada 3
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat 15
Transport Canada 4
Public Services and Procurement Canada 1
Office of the Prime Minister 1
Canadian Transportation Agency 1
Administration #
City of Montreal 10

Data on Design

Administration #
Province of Ontario 1
Administration #
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat 4